Welcome to my website. My name is Tony Gerber. I am a Dallas firefighter of 30 years and I love photography. God has blessed me with the idea to merge the two occupations; now I am able to capture the firefighters passion and help preserve that legacy that will make their families proud for generations to come.

I charge a sitting fee of $25.00 per individual or $50.00 for a group. There is an additional fee for travel distances over 25 miles to a shoot location. To schedule a photoshoot you can email me at or call me at 214-674-0596.
For pricing pictures just go to any picture and above it you will see a tab that reads "buy", click on this tab and it will open, then click on "this photo", from here you will see the prices that are charged on the different size of pictures.
If you see an unedited photo that you would like me to work on or if you see a photo that you would like done differently, let me know and I will get it done. If there is extensive work to the photo, there will be additional fees.

I want to make sure that you are completely happy with your picture. In order to make sure this comes true, please Email me before purchasing any photos larger than an 8x12, especially canvas prints!

Please let me know how your images turn out once you have received them in the mail. With everyone's feedback I can make sure that I am pleasing you and your families.

If you have any problems with your photos or you are just not satisfied with the print, let me know right away! I will get you a new print at no extra charge!

I want to make sure that customers always remain happy and enjoy my work.